Detailing Outlaws

Detailing Outlaws

Our mission is to develop Car Care products with an »outside the box« mentality and an extremely focus on quality and innovation above all else! We create these game changing products in order to support the professional detailer in their daily business, as well as aiding the enthusiast in their dreams of »the perfectly kept car«. Our brand is not focused on a specific product group, and because of this we are able to think free in all directions!

Because we are professional detailers AND enthusiasts, we are driven by perfection like our typical customers. All product developments are made because we personally see a demand in our daily work and car care hobby, so we try to create solutions. There is no pressure for us to release as many products as possible - developments need time and we want to release only well thought out products. Detailing Outlaws is like a "lucky bag" - expect the unexpected!



It extends your workspace during car-wash and wheel-cleaning for extra storage room.
It fits perfectly to typical Gallon buckets (3.5 / 5 GAL) mostly found in car detailing.
Yes, up to 4 Buckanizer could be attached to one bucket.
Buckanizer is designed to fit inside the 3.5 and 5 GAL bucket.
YES! Buckanizer fits perfectly inside with both the Grit Guard® + Washboard® in place.
If you have a 5 GAL bucket, you can put all items (Grit Guard, Washboard + Buckanizer®) inside and you are still able to close the Gamma Seal® lid. Doesn’t work with 3.5 GAL buckets!
No, we added 2 drainage holes in the bottom, so this won’t happen.
We produce this product from scratch here in Germany. Whole invention, development, tooling and final production is done in our country.
It’s made of PP – Poly Propylene with UV blockers to prevent the color from fading.
At the release of Buckanizer, we are offering the product in RED, BLUE and BLACK color.
Yes, we applied several patents and for sure, product names and brand names are protected as well.

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Dealership Opportunities

Detailing Outlaws believes in a strong and healthy dealer relationship. We want to create a network of trusted detailing supplies who carry our brand with pride. If you would like to be part of our network, please get in contact with us by email or phone to see if there are dealer slots available in your country.


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